About Us

Cosplay can be a wonderful hobby. Over the years of making costumes for fun, I have learned and honed a wide range of skills. Sculpting, crafting, casting, moldmaking, prop building... and of course, sewing and clothing design. For years, I worked on costumes for myself and my girlfriend, Victoria, who co-founded the geek girl fashion blog, SetToStunning.com . With Victoria so involved in the fashion aspect of fandom, I began dabbling in fashion design.

I discovered that I really enjoyed making pretty things for Victoria to wear, as witnessed by the "Tron"-inspired dress I made, that was featured on the TV series "Heroes Of Cosplay." And the more she wore my creations, the more I found that other people also liked the things I was making. Eventually, I decided to offer some of my creations to the world.

One of my goals is to bring the beauty and creativity of some of my favorite artists to the world of apparel. My background is in fine arts and graphic design, and with Gold Bubble I wanted to explore the intersection between fine art and fashion. With the advancement of digital textile technology, it became possible to experiment with prints in ways that were previously only available to big manufacturing companies.

With Gold Bubble, I am hoping to bring art to people in new ways, by creating clothes that compliment both the wearer and the artwork. I am also hoping to bring people to art in new ways, by recontextualizing artwork in a way that will bring a new audience to art.

Stay with us! We are growing quickly and will be expanding our offerings soon. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be alerted with new clothing and discounts.