55-Year Mission Order Updates

Last Updated: 9/10

I'll be updating this page just in case we didn't catch your email when you ordered from us at the 55-Year Mission convention.

- - -

Me again! I'm trying to nail down some better manufacturing/shipping out dates for y'all instead of just "we're working on it".

Looking over the amount of pieces we need to make, I'm currently estimating that we're going to be shipping out your pieces by the end of this month, or first week of October.

If you're interested in learning how/why things can take so long, keep reading!

    - I'm giving our fabric cutter 1 week to cut our pattern blanks and get them back to us.

    - I'm giving J & myself 1 week to print and press all the fabric cuts. Yes, we do this ourselves.

    - I'm giving 1 week for our sewing contractors to sew everything up.

    - And I'm tacking on an extra week for "just in case".

    So, that's where we're at!

    If you need anything for an event/special occasion, or need to make any changes to your order, please contact us so we can help you out:

    - - -

    9/6 UPDATE

    Hey my lovelies!

    Oh boy, J and I grossly underestimated how many pre-orders we'd end up taking at the con. Which is AWESOME (omg you love us), but also more work than we were giving realistic estimates for (eep).

    As a reminder, or a "hey did you know?", J and I produce everything ourselves! That means we print and press every single garment, but thankfully bundle that all up and hand it off to our sewing contractors. That means we're not as quick as you might be used to with other companies. And we appreciate your patience with us while we make your lovely goodies.

    We originally estimated about 2 weeks. And that was overdue, oh, like a week ago. Well, fuck.

    A couple factors have slowed us up:

    * We are out of practice having the stamina needed to work a convention - we died the entire week after the show just trying to catch up on 2 weeks of sleep, lol, because we had not slept much the week before the show either while we prepped for it.

    * We had a delay in getting more of our fabrics in.

    * We ran out of fabric cuts and needed to send rolls of fabrics to a cutter to get more. All of our garments are dye-sublimated as cut pieces of fabric first, and then sewn afterward.

    So yeah, it was a perfect little storm that piled up on us! My apologies for not notifying everyone sooner of any delays. We are actively working on orders now - So if you need to make any changes to your order, please email us so we can get it sorted out for you:

    Love you lots!