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We'll Be Back!


Posted on October 05 2015

Dear Bubbles,

I'm writing this note to apologize for the recent delay in fulfilling some of the outstanding orders, and my failure to communicate adequately during this period. I am sincerely sorry for any inconvenience this delay may have caused.

First of all, I'd like to assure you that all Gold Bubble orders submitted so far will be fulfilled, and we are working to make sure all current orders ship well in advance of Halloween.

Second, I must announce that on Tuesday, October 12, Gold Bubble Clothing will be closing for two weeks.

We will be using this time to catch up on outstanding orders and exchanges before taking any more orders or releasing new product.

Those of you who are still waiting for your order past our usual 2 - 4 week window are already aware of this delay, as are those of you who have inquired about things like the Space Nebula leggings or the Bored print color variants we teased earlier, but have yet to release. Rest assured that your orders will be fulfilled soon, and those items are on their way!

The longer, more involved answer is that, for the past few months, a number of personal issues have made it impossible for me to devote as much attention to Gold Bubble as I should. As many people know, Gold Bubble is a small company and I do the lion's share of the work of running it, with help from Victoria and Abby. On occasion, I hire friends to help out, or employ local contractors, but much of what goes on here can't be readily delegated.

On a number of occasions, I have said that "Gold Bubble is my life," and it's true. Designing and creating Gold Bubble clothing is my passion, and since starting this company I have put everything else, including cosplay, on the backburner. But earlier this year, close members of my family began dealing with some very serious life changing medical problems. I have tried to keep my personal life separate from Gold Bubble, but it has taken a large toll on my family and I.

I've done my best to keep up with Gold Bubble under these circumstances, relying more on outside sewing contractors, answering some customer emails on my phone and making calls to fabric suppliers from the lobby of the hospital, etc. It hasn't always worked out. Some of my contractors' work hasn't been up to our standards of quality, standards which I refuse to compromise regardless of the circumstances. Sometimes the people you count on let you down.

The good news is that, although the situation with my family is unchanged, a few burdens have lifted, giving me the breathing room I need to get my life and Gold Bubble back into balance. So I will be spending the next two weeks working to get this company back up to speed, so we can move forward for the holidays.

Again, you have my sincerest apologies for any inconvenience that has resulted from a delayed order or from the temporary closure of Gold Bubble. And you have my deepest gratitude for being a part of Gold Bubble. Some people may regard this as a business, but to me it is very personal.


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