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Gold Bubble Week 1

J Hui

Posted on December 09 2013

Things have been crazy here at the Tower Of Bubble! The launch of Gold Bubble Clothing has been bigger and more successful than we could have imagined, and we have been scrambling to catch up with the flood of orders. Gold Bubble has been a dream I've been working toward for quite some time now, and it is incredibly gratifying to see it take off this way.

Of course, no one is an island, and we owe much of the success of our launch to our friends who have generously donated their time and talent to help us out. They include our photographer, Greg, our hair/makeup team, Dawn, Chrissy, and Ashley, the gorgeous geeks who modeled our clothing, Claire Max, Jenny, Jessie, Milynn, Rileah, and Vani, and of course, Kyle, who documented the hijinks!

We would also like to thank the websites and blogs who have helped bring the news of Gold Bubble's launch to the world. If people didn't know we existed, then who would we make clothing for? Our gratitude goes to you all, including Amy Ratcliffe of Fashionably Geek, Bill Watters of and Geeks Are Sexy, Rebecca Pahle of The Mary Sue, Gillykins of Geek X Girls, Sebastian Haley at Downward Viral, Crystal Clark at Geek Pinata, and of course, Lindz of Set To Stunning!

Special thanks goes to Camilla d'Errico and her sister AdaPia, who generously took a chance on Gold Bubble and let us create clothing from Camilla's paintings.

The remarkable response to Gold Bubble has really inspired and motivated us! We have some great new items in the works for 2014, about which we are very excited. And we'll be working with some more great artists too!

--Jinyo & Victoria

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